Township Road 412 (Great Deer Road)

To the Ratepayers of The RM of Great Bend No. 405,

The Council of the RM of Great Bend is aware of the deterioration of the Township Road 412 (Great Deer Road). Being grain producers themselves, Council recognizes the need to move grain at this time of year. The RM roads are enduring more heavy-haul traffic with the inland grain terminal located near Maymont and the Ag Retails near Fielding. Council requests grain producers to respect road conditions utilizing the dedicated Clearing the Path route through the RM of Great Bend to transport your grain and crop inputs. Council would also like to remind ratepayers that the RM is designated as a secondary weight RM on all roads that are not dedicated Clearing the Path or primary weight.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate giving me a call.

Thank you,

Tonia Derksen | Administrator


CTP and Primary Weight Grid